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ART by SHARANDULA by sharandula

Hey there!
Now, you can support my art on patreon.

Hi everyone!

My tutors and brushes for SAI on gamroad!

Hello, Neighbor! by sharandula
Hi friends,
We've come out of the shell and are creating now our first PC game.
We are getting ready to the Kickstarter campaign. Your likes and shares are welcome! 

Hello, Neighbor! Prototype Gameplay


Hello, Neighbor! Teaser


Stayin' Neighbor…

Hi guys!
Now I make video tutorials like this

Skull by sharandula
What tutorials would you like to see in future?

The  Mermaid (live wallpaper) by sharandula
This wallpaper is available on Google Play. 
The application is a trial version. After 24 hours, you will be prompted to buy the full version for $ 0,99.